Bobbi Kristina Brown and Hubby Nick Gordon Defend Her Thin Frame

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Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston, and her husband Nick Gordon are lashing out at those who commented on a bikini-clad photo of the 21-year-old. Both Brown and Gordon posted a photo of Bobbi Kristina posing by a swimming pool on Instagram. Comments started flooding both accounts saying she was way too thin.

The husband and wife (yes, Bobbi Kristina married Nick Gordon, the man-boy Whitney Houston raised as her own son--the one who was raised as Bobbi Kristina's brother) fired back at those making what they felt were insulting comments with some comments of their own via Twitter.

Of course this line of defense isn't unusual for either Brown or Gordon. They are known for defending their romance/marriage on Twitter on more than one occasion.

Here is the photo in question, posted on Instagram by both Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon and reposted on Twitter by Nick.

Following the comments about how skinny Bobbi Kristina is, both she and Nick Brown tweeted some of their own thoughts. Warning: Nick Gordon's weren't G-rated.

The fact that this married couple is posting a bikini photo on social media and then lashing back at the comments made by "fans" may in fact be indicative of one of the reasons Whitney Houston's mom Cissy Houston didn't want the two of these kids tying the knot. Aside from the fact that they were raised as siblings, their maturity levels don't appear to be exceedingly high.

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