Bobbi Kristina Brown: Alleged Death Bed Photo Circulates, Whitney Houston's Bodyguard Visits Hospice

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Bobbi Kristina Brown's condition continues to deteriorate as a photo taken of her lying on her death bed is shopped to the tabloids. An extended family member of Bobbi Kristina allegedly entered her room and snapped a photo without the rest of the family knowing.

Some media outlets have already passed on buying the picture, but others are said to be interested. It's beyond disgusting that anyone--especially a family member--would try to profit from the tragedy that has befallen Bobbi Kristina Brown. The family is outraged and Bobby Brown's sister, Leolah Brown, wants every member of the family to take a lie detector test. Of course that is a bit extreme, but so is most anything Leolah says or does.

Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina and her family received a visit at the hospice from Whitney Houston's former bodyguard Ray Watson. Watson was at the Beverly Hilton on that fateful day back in 2012 when Whitney Houston died. He also spoke at her funeral. Watson is the brother of Bobbi Kristina's aunt and Whitney Houston's sister-in-law Pat Houston.

It was just over a week ago that Bobbi Kristina was moved to a hospice outside of Atlanta to live out her days. The family flew her to Chicago a week before the decision was made to end all life-sustaining measures. She was examined by doctors there who determined nothing more could be done to save her life. It was at the insistence of close family friends Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey that she visited doctors there.

Nick Gordon, who is believed by members of Bobbi Kristina's family, to be responsible for her present state, is in Florida assembling a legal team to defend him against a civil lawsuit filed by Bobbi Kristina's executor. The suit alleges he abused her physically and stole money from her in the days before she was discovered unconscious in the bathtub of her Roswell, Georgia home.

As the family gathers to say their goodbyes to Bobbi Kristina, they are no doubt filled with a wealth of emotions. How sad that in addition to preparing to lose a loved one they must deal with a photo of her in her deteriorated state being shopped to the tabloids--and prepare for a lawsuit against the man who purportedly loved Bobbi Kristina Brown.

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