Bob Seger is 'Still the Same' and Back on Tour

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Bob Seger is 'Still the Same' in some ways but very different in others. The singer doesn't smoke as much as he once did, and he bikes an average of 10 miles per day. So why the sudden interest in his health? The 69-year-old just released a new album called Ride Out, and is launching a 25-city tour starting in November. He's going to need all the energy he can get.

"I think I'm in pretty good shape," Seger said in a recent interview, also mentioning that a colonoscopy from a few years ago was clean and he just had a checkup, so he's ready to hit the road.

On November 19th, Bob Seger will kick off his tour in Saginaw, Michigan, and will travel from city to city until well into 2015. He's not sure where his music will take him after that.

"I just take it tour by tour," he says.

Bob Seger feels somewhat challenged by how hard it is to get radio air time for his new songs these days.

"It's half the size it was 10 years ago," he says of the industry--due, of course to this digital era of music.

One of the songs on Seger's new album is for and about his wife.

Seger assures fans that in addition to his new songs from Ride Out, he will still perform some of his tried and true hits from days gone by--including 'Night Moves,' 'Mainstreet,' and 'Turn the Page.'

"There's about eight of them that you cannot not do," he said, noting that from time to time he and his Silver Bullet Band have tried eliminating a few oldies from their set list--to no avail.

One of his new songs from Ride Out shows some activism on behalf of the aging rocker. It's about climate change.

"It's all about my kids," Bob Seger said. "I'm not going to be around that much longer but we've all got to worry about our kids and their future."

While that song may be all about his kids, Bob Seger's concert tour and new album are all about his fans. Will you be among those who pick up Ride Out and/or buy tickets for his 25-city tour?

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