Bob Ross Remixed: PBS Gives the Painter the Mister Rogers Treatment with "Happy Little Clouds"

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Sometimes, I feel sorry for the younger generation (for a lot of reasons). One of the main reasons I feel this sadness is because they will never grow up in a world where their weekend mornings are graced by Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting.

One of my childhood heros, Bob Ross taught millions of people that everyone can paint. Except me, of course - I really sucked (even at the Bob Ross technique). But man did I love to watch Bob Ross do his thing. The Joy of Painting was a hypnotic affair, as you were sucked in to a world of happy little trees, happy little streams, and happy little clouds.

Basically, everything was happy. And Bob's joy poured through the screen - you could really feel it.

So it's my great pleasure to present to you PBS digital studio's second installment of their "Icons Remixed" series - Bob Ross - Happy Little Clouds. In June, PBS' first remix of Mister Rogers was a viral smash. As the time, I suggested that the next icon they tackle should be Bob Ross, and I'm thrilled that they complied:

As with the Mister Roger remix, the Bob Ross remix comes to us courtesy of John D. Boswell, known as melodysheep. For the next icon remixed, may I suggest this wonderful guy.

Josh Wolford
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