Bob Barker Suffers Fall, Head Injury During Walk

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Bob Barker, the former longtime host of The Price Is Right, reportedly fell on Tuesday during a walk in his neighborhood when he tripped and fell, cutting open his head.

The 91-year old television personality was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where he received stitches for the gash in his head; he also sustained scrapes on his leg, but otherwise, he's fine, says his publicist Henri Bollinger. Barker will reportedly have to take it easy for a while and alter his schedule a bit.

“He’s upset he can’t work out and take his walks. Considering his age, he’s in pretty good shape,” Bollinger said.

Bob Barker hasn't been active on television in the last several years, but he's been busy working with various animal organizations. The philanthropist has been a longtime supporter of animals of all kinds and recently spoke out about the hunter who shot and killed Cecil the lion, telling Entertainment Tonight, "I understand that his patients are lining up to cancel their appointments and well-deserved. If he was my dentist I would never set eyes on him again."

Barker spoke earlier this year about the American Humane Association, which oversees the treatment of animals on movie and television sets, saying he had been a longtime supporter of the group but was recently made aware of inhumane practices that he couldn't abide.

"Believe it or not, when I was younger, I was the fair-haired boy of the American Humane Association. They used to do a thing called the PATSY Award — it was like the Academy Awards for animals. I thought it was just wonderful because I assumed the American Humane Association was protecting these creatures. I even had them in my will. But I was suddenly made aware of what they really are, and I have absolutely no respect for the American Humane Association. I think they have failed miserably in their efforts to protect animals in the movie industry, and obviously they have failed miserably in any protection for animals in this food industry," Barker said.

When asked whether there was anyone in the public eye who might be able to continue his work after he's gone, Bob Barker said that unfortunately he doesn't think there is.

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