Bob Barker Spends $1 Million Relocating Elephants

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Who knew the former "Price is Right" host, Bob Barker, had a passion for elephants? Apparently, he spent nearly $1 million to relocate three elephants from the Toronto Zoo in Ontario, Canada, to an elephant sanctuary in San Andreas, California.

“Elephants don’t belong it Canada, it’s too cold,” Barker said. “These three were confined to a barn most of the year, probably as much as 80% of the time, and they were slowly going to die right there in that zoo.”

Elephants, 43-year-old, Toka, 33-year-old, Thika, and 44-year-old Iringa, will now live in a natural habitat that spans 80 acres. They will also be living with three other elephants that have made their home there.

The elephants arrived at the sanctuary Sunday night, and Barker was there awaiting them.

“I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when those elephants arrived. I knew their lives were changed forever,” he said. “I stayed over an extra day and saw them come out of their new barn into a big fenced-in area where there’s even a muddle puddle for them to play in. It was wonderful.”

Barker told the Daily News that he wants to spend his money on causes such as this.

“I have a will, and I was allocating money for various groups when I thought, ‘Why should I do this? Why not give it away now so I can see it in action and enjoy it?’” he said. “The people in charge of these various places, they’re so grateful. I had a wonderful time earning this money, and I’m having just as much fun, if not more, giving it away. I plan to die broke.”

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