Blue Ivy Rocks The Cutest Ensemble

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Could she be any cuter?

Jay Z and Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy is already on her way to being a New York City fashionista, as her famous parents have already posted photos of the 2-year-old wearing some of the most adorable outfits.

Recently, Beyonce shared one particular image that's been spreading across the Internet pretty quickly, and it's of Blue Ivy sporting a black fedora like hat, a stylish trench coat, and the cutest little checkered dress.

The photo shows the superstar child looking back at her mother as she exits a hotel, probably heading to the next town for a performance or some sort of business engagement. And of course Beyonce looked wonderful herself, in a leather two-piece suit and a huge shaggy handbag.

It seems the Partition singer and her daughter are completely inseparable, as the two have been seen pretty much all over the globe together. Some famous working parents choose to leave their child at home with the nanny, but not Beyonce, Blue Ivy has been with her for much of the singer's Mrs. Carter Tour.

In past interviews Beyonce has spoken at length about how motherhood has changed her, and she said that once Blue Ivy was born she felt like a much stronger person.

"[Having a child] just gives you purpose and all of the things that my self-esteem was associated with, it's all completely different," she said.

"I realized why I was born, and more than anything, all of the things I want to pass onto my child, and the best way of doing that is not by preaching or telling her, but showing her by example, which is one of the reasons I'm here."

And one of the things she'll definitely be showing her daughter is how to be stylish, and if Blue Ivy dresses this well at 2 years old, what will she be wearing once she becomes a teenager? She'll probably be an international fashion icon at the very least, since she's becoming one already.

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