Blood Moon 2015: The Faithful Comment Loudly

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Blood Moon 2015 is in the books. While it does not take much to poke holes in the idea that there is anything scientifically significant about these colorful -- but natural -- phenomena, some people will not be easily disabused of their faith that something big is coming after Blood Moon 2015.

When John Hagee wrote his book Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change, he pumped his readers and followers up about the notion that unrest in the Middle East meant that Christ was about to come back and whisk people away. Sure, lots of writers talk about that. But Hagee related that notion to the lunar eclipses that have happened in the past couple of years.

Hagee used references to NASA to bolster credibility for his book.

“They will be a world shaking event… The heavens are God’s billboard, and when something big is about to happen He gives planet earth a signal that something significant is about to happen. Pay attention! NASA said these four blood moons are coming. God has said through Joel and St. Peter, Listen!"

When you point out to someone that there is no NASA-produced hysteria about an upcoming "blood moon," you have to be very careful. You might get a rather vicious response:

Mock God & Hagee all you want. You will find out soon enough.

Pull your head out of ObamaCare and try reading God's word.

But it may not be a very well-structured or -spelled one.

WOWWWWW> I get it that you dont trust this info,but one thing for sure,Nuclear war IS coming.In the 1st world war 8million people parished.In the 2d world war 58 million people parished.The bible says that after Israel is restored as a nation,The next world war (describing in accurate detail)Iran ,Russia ectWill kill 2.5 BILLION people.Trust me I didnt believe any of it either -Until i tried to prove the facts wrong.Now i dont just believe these prophecies ,I KNOW THEY ARE H.APPENING!!

I will be praying for you ,cause eternity is going to be really long,And WE ARE ALL GOING TO FIND OUT BY THE END OF THiS YEAR!!!!!Check out the dates of 9/11 and world economy crashes .Every 7 years.Last time 7 years ago it the stock market fell 777points.Please find out for your self.There Will be weaping and nashing of teeth.

The entire thing has some people genuinely scared. They want to know if things are about to break bad, if they will survive.

Can someone answer me this: Is this going to be a scary event?

While some are approaching this with a more positive attitude ...

No, it's just a lunar phenomenon. The world will go on the next day as always.

... others are ringing the bell loudly:

Yes, the Day of the Lord will be scary. But it is during the Feast of Trumpets following the blood moons. The righteous go home and everyone else dies in earthquakes and floods.

Well, not really. This is only the third blood moon that Hagee warned about. But thanks for playing.

Of course, there is another approach to this.

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