Blake Shelton Tells the Haters to Suck It


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If you're a Blake Shelton hater, he has a suggestion for you.

"Hey haters.. I'm having an INCREDIBLE 2016 so far!! Suck it... You like that? I can't hear you. Oh yeah.. It's because you're sucking it," the country star tweeted.

He later dispensed some more advice about dealing with said haters.

It's clear Blake Shelton doesn't really care about your opinion.

But what could people be hatin' about?

Maybe some people don't like his hot and heavy romance with fellow Voice star Gwen Stefani? Shelton an Stefani began their relationship pretty soon after he split with former wife Miranda Lambert, but Lambert appears to have also moved on.

If that's the case, there may be a lot more for the haters to hate in the near future. Looks like Gwen just caught the bouquet at a friend's wedding.