Blake Griffin and Chris Paul Expected to Play in Game 6

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Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, two Los Angeles Clippers players who were both suffering from injuries, are expected to play in the Game 6 showdown against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Griffin sprained his left knee during Wednesday night's game. However, Thursday's MRI showed no structural damage, prompting Griffin to announce his intentions to play Friday night. Paul, who strained his hip and jammed his middle finger, is expected to step onto the court tonight, as well. According to the folks over atProBasketballTalk, both me are ready to go.

These announcements are great news for the Clippers, who are currently leading the series 3-2. The team won the playoffs in 2006, a feat they hadn't accomplished since 1976. Griffin and Paul have helped the team overcome their bad reputation in the league, and fans are no doubt happy that the duo plan to return for Game 6.

"We know how big of a game it is. It's great to be in this situation, and we have to handle it the right way, hopefully," said Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro.

Twitter fans are pretty excited that the pair will hit the court tonight against Memphis. You can have a look at their colorful reactions below.

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For some bizarre reason, there are numerous posts like the one you see above. After suffering through various incarnations of this odd declaration, I did manage to find a few less offensive comments.

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