'Black Skinhead' Performance Was Disastrous, Kanye West Gets Booed At Billboard Awards

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Kanye West had the honor of wrapping up this year’s Billboard Music Awards Night with a spectacular performance.

Well, it would’ve been spectacular if the audience could see him or if they could at least hear him.

But alas, the “Black Jesus” singer spent most of his 5 minute set shrouded in smoke from the pyrotechnics. His song was also so heavily censored that it took away the impact of his performance.

Kanye’s night didn’t start out well either.

Kanye's pyrotechnic-filled performance made him invisible to the audience at the Billboard Awards Show

Keeping up with the Kardashians sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner took to the stage to introduce their brother-in-law, Dr. West (in deference to his honorary doctorate, I guess) and were promptly booed by the audience inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

And if that wasn’t awkward enough, when Kanye actually started performing his hits “All Day” and “Black Skinhead” with Allan Kingdom and Theophilus London, the audience could barely see him through the haze created by the abundance of smoke and flames.

His song’s lyrics were also so heavily censored that viewers at home were treated to moments of complete silence - and I mean complete silence - no backing track, no crowd noises.

It was a flaming disaster right from the start.

But Yeezy is nothing but a total performer. Despite everything, he just kept performing and plowed through while trying to keep the live audience energized.

Unfortunately, his all-out performance didn’t sit well with both the viewers and the MGM crowd. Reports say that Kanye was booed at the end of his set while Twitter exploded from all the negative comments about the performance.

According to the show’s organizers, they were caught by surprise when Kanye started his profanity-laced performance.

Insiders told TMZ that the rapper didn’t do a dress rehearsal but producers assumed Kanye would do a clean version.

“He knew it was national TV,” the insider said.

Watch the disaster unfold

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