Bjork Somehow Still Shocks People With Her Clothes

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Bjork is Icelandic, she's a gifted musician and performer, and she's always been able to create completely unique images, videos, and clothing to get her point across. In 2001, she wore a dress made to look like a swan to the Academy Awards and the media ran with it...and they're still running.

Her latest creation has drawn comparisons to the "crazy" swan dress in that it's unique and couldn't be pulled off by anyone else: a spiky headdress that lights up and looks like it's made of a cluster of icicles. The singer wore the creation--made by Japanese designer Maiko Takeda--during a Hollywood Bowl performance last week, and for some reason people seem shocked. If she were a performance artist in the non-musical sense, it's doubtful anyone would spare it a second thought. But because she's an award-winning musician whose work has ventured into the mainstream, she's labeled "wacky", "eccentric", and "unique".

At any rate, her fans know that "unique" is a good thing, and if the costumes bring her music into better focus by a larger audience, then so be it. Check out two of her performances at the show below.

Image: Umbratile/Instagram

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