Strangers Help Bisexual GA Teen After His Parents Kicked Him Out


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After a Georgia man learned of parents disowning a teen in his area because they found out he is bisexual, the man started a campaign on to raise money for the teen. Since the campaign's October 22 start date, total strangers have donated more than $18,000 to help the teen secure a place to live, purchase a car and buy food and other essentials.

Nick, an 18-year-old living in Marietta, Georgia was like most other teens his age--living at home with his parents while commuting to college. This all came to an end when someone told his parents that the freshman at Kennesaw State University is bisexual. Their response? To kick him out of the home and drain his bank account.

That's right--not only did they dump his belongings on the front yard and tell him to find somewhere else to stay, they also emptied his bank account of all the money he had saved working as a bag boy at Publix over the past three years. Nick's parents also took his car.

"This whole thing started when my stepmom caught wind of me being bisexual," Nick said in a YouTube video. "I don't know where she got her information from, but I know it wasn't from me. She didn't like that and neither did my dad. I got told some very vulgar and disgusting things...That's why I didn't tell them, because I wasn't ready. And I didn't tell them for the exact reaction I was scared about, and that's exactly what happened."

After the teenager was left homeless, Steve Bevers learned of the situation from his mother-in-law who works with Nick and took the young man in. While Bevers and his wife are willing to let Nick crash on his couch as long as he needs, they decided to turn to online donation website to try to raise money to help Nick get started out with another car and his own apartment.

"When I heard about what happened to Nick I was flabbergasted," Bevers told The Huffington Post. "I couldn't understand how a parent could do that. While I'm sure there are multiple sides to the story, I just was amazed. I was hurt. The first thing I asked was, 'Does he need a place to stay? Does he need some money?'"

Since starting the campaign, Bevers has raised more than $18,000, and the donations are still rolling in. Bevers' wife posted the following comments in an update on

"I am so touched by the generosity and kindness you've shown this extraordinary young man. I have no doubt that he will do great things in life and make a difference one day. Lastly, I also want to mention that while we are all rallying around Nick, we shouldn't forget love and tolerance for those who haven't shown it to Nick. Responding to this with hatred or bad thoughts for Nick's parents won't help this situation. Thank you again for your offers to help. Either Nick, Steve or I will be in touch in response to these offers. Love y'all so much! #lovewillalwayswin"

Nick also posted a video update to Vimeo and thanked people for their support:

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