BioShock Infinite Board Game Announced, Trailer Coming This Weekend

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Today PlaidHat Games announced that it is currently developing a board game based on the upcoming BioShock Infinite video game. The board game will be called BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia and pits players against each other as they fight for control of Columbia.

The board game will come with 52 mineratures, including "11 different unique sculpts." One of the sculpts will be included in both the permium and "Ultimite Songbird" collectors editions of the video game that were announced earlier this week.

According to a Polygon interview with the designers behind the board game, players will play as either the Founders or the Vox Populi factions. The gameplay involves taking territories, completing objectives, and "using their influence to sway various events that arise."

Meanwhile, the much-anticipated trailer for the BioShock Infinite video game will premiere this weekend, early Sunday morning. Over on the BioShock Infinite Facebook page a countdown is running and fans who "Like" the page may vote in a poll as to whether they want to see more of Elizabeth (the girl with the cleavage) or Songbird (the flying monster thing); more skylines or zeppelins; and more handyman or motorized patriot in the new trailer. It's unclear whether voting will affect the upcoming trailer at all.

Not much has been seen of BioShock Infinite since a teaser trailer and "Heavy Hitter" shorts were released early this year. Back in May the game was delayed from its original release date (which would have been this past Tuesday) to sometime in February 2013. Since then, the game's developer, Irrational Games has gotten a new production director from Epic Games and has dropped a planned multiplayer mode for the game.

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