Bing Introduces Seven New Casual Games


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Bing may have been launched as a "decision engine," but Microsoft's now trying to make sure it's a site where people will spend a fair amount of time.  And to that end, Microsoft added seven new games to what it called the "Bing entertainment browser" this afternoon.

The seven games are of the casual variety.  Think checkers (or FarmVille), not chess (or Starcraft II), in other words, meaning they'll be accessible to all sorts of individuals.

Otherwise, one important fact is that the games are free to play.  Also, as you may have gathered from the screenshot below, it's possible for players to sign in using their Facebook accounts, and then see real-time feeds of how their friends are doing.  Plus show off their own scores.

That Facebook tie-in represents a clever move on Microsoft's part, since it adds an extra dimension to these simple games.  The social/competitive nature of many people is what motivates them to play games of any sort, too.

Anyway, the games are named Belle's Beauty Boutique, Carniball, 8 Ball Champion, Fishdom Spooky Splash, Gardenscapes, Jigsaw, and Pyramid Solitaire, and Bing's made sure searches will turn them up as the first result.

Here's hoping you find something you like if you devote your next break or lunch hour to sifting through them.