Bindi Irwin: Why She Must Verify That Dad Steve Irwin is Dead

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Bindi Irwin hasn't been paid yet for any of her time on Dancing With the Stars. In order to get paid, she--or rather, Mom Terri Irwin, because Bindi Irwin is a minor--must prove that her father is in fact dead.

What does this all mean?

A judge rejected Bindi Irwin's contract because there is no signed released from her dad, the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

Steve Irwin died in 2006.

So what are Bindi Irwin and her mom to do?

Terri Irwin has already signed a contract saying she surrenders any and all rights to Bindi Irwin's DWTS earnings. The judge wants Steve Irwin to do the same.

Clearly this is a matter of producing a death certificate, but it seems especially ridiculous since anyone who ever watched TV knows Bindi lost her dad years ago.

So how much money is involved here?

According to Page Six, Bindi Irwin earns $125,000 per week for appearing on Dancing With the Stars. If she makes it to weeks 10 and 11, she will receive an additional $50,000 per week.

Many sources say Bindi Irwin--who is paired with pro dancer Derek Hough--is favored to win this season of Dancing With the Stars.

Hopefully this incident involving Bindi's DWTS payment doesn't dampen the fun she's had while a contestant on the show.

Bindi Irwin still feels the pain of her father's death. It's a shame she's had to relive it.

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