Bindi Irwin Turns Sweet 16: Is She Dating a 24-Year-Old?

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Bindi Irwin, the daughter of Terri Irwin and the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, just recently enjoyed her 'Sweet Sixteen' birthday celebration. Is she dating someone who is eight years her senior? Rumors say she is dating 24-year-old British hunk Luke Reavley, who is employed by the Irwin family as their executive assistant.

"Absolute nonsense," is the reply given by a rep for the Australia Zoo.

The pair were reportedly spotted together recently at Splendour in the Grass--an annual Australian music festival.

“He was being very protective towards her and looked at her with such adoration," a source said.

Bindi Irwin even posted a picture of herself with Luke Reavley to her Instagram account, wishing him a very happy birthday, and calling him her 'greatest friend.'

"Wishing @lukasthegreat a very happy was yesterday...but we were all celebrating and I forgot to let everyone know here on Instagram! So happy birthday and thank you for being the greatest friend. #BlissfulAfternoons Have fun and see you soon!" is how Bindi Irwin captioned her photo.

Earlier, Bindi posted this Instagram account of a hike she took with Luke Reavley.

She captioned this one, "Welcome to Australia."

Before Jake Reavley was employed as the Irwin family's executive assistant, he reportedly worked with the elephants at the Australia Zoo.

Do you think Terri Irwin would allow her just-turned-16-year-old daughter to date a man eight years older than she is? And what would the late Steve Irwin think?

Might this simply be pure conjecture on behalf of the media or is Bindi Irwin really seeing a guy who is 24?

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