Bindi Irwin: "Dancing With the Stars" Has Caused Disgusting Things to Happen to Her Feet

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Bindi Irwin is proof positive that the life of a dancer isn't as glamorous as it may seem. In fact, her time on Dancing With the Stars has caused some pretty gross things to happen to her feet.

Channeling Grace Kelly on Monday night's competition, Bindi Irwin admitted during rehearsal that her feet are an absolute mess. She actually has to super glue her toenails back on to her toes.

Lucky for Bindi, however, boyfriend Chandler Powell is providing lots of TLC.

"He was the only one before tonight who had ever really seen my feet, except for my mom, and the poor dear, he was having to help me Super Glue them and bandage them," Bindi Irwin said during an interview with FOX411. "It was extreme dedication. Lucky he's into wakeboarding! He has injuries, too."

Following Monday's performance, Bindi dealt with more broken toenails backstage.

"Let's not look at them! I'm super gluing them. Another one came off in dress rehearsal," she said.

Bindi Irwin is no wimp. The girl who wrestles snakes and crocodiles like her late dad, Steve Irwin, refuses to complain about the pain.

"It's fine. You can keep going," she says, although she admits to the discomfort.

"It's all right. Everyone gets like this. I just have to Super Glue them, and tape them up. It's all good," she says.

Super gluing toenails isn't the only foot ailment plaguing Bindi Irwin right now, however.

"There's like holes—the skin rubs out so there's actual craters in my feet. Every night I'm kind of like cutting all the skin off 'cause it catches. You know when you get a hangnail? Think about tearing a hangnail but dancing on top of it," she explains.

"No one would have known [about my feet] if I hadn't taken my socks off," Bindi Irwin adds.

It sounds like Bindi buys Epsom salts in mass quantities. She also goes through lots of ice.

Can you imagine how painful Bindi Irwin's feet must be, to be riddled with holes and having toenails that require super gluing back on to her feet?

That would make the average person say, "No way!" when Dancing With the Stars comes calling.

But then again, there's very little about Bindi Irwin that's average.

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