Billy Joel: The Piano Man is a Good Samaritan

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Billy Joel is known for way more than simply being the 'Piano Man.' In fact to one New York woman he's even known for being a good Samaritan. The singer was riding his motorcycle through East Hampton on Monday when he saw a woman who had fallen and was sprawled face-down in the middle of the road. He stopped his bike and came to her aid immediately.

In addition to calling 911 for help, he gathered her packages from the road and stayed with her until EMTs arrived. He stayed while they administered help to be certain she was okay. It's uncertain why the woman fell--whether she suffered from a medical condition or simply tripped as she crossed the road. However in photos provided by The TODAY Show she appeared to be sitting up and alert as she was being treated by the ambulance crew.

Billy Joel isn't the only celebrity recently to help out someone in need. In recent years Jennifer Garner brought gasoline to a stranded motorist, Patrick Dempsey freed a teenager who was trapped in a car following an accident, and Ryan Gosling prevented a tourist from being run over by a New York City taxi cab. It's nice to know that all of these celebrities--including Billy Joel--have a human side in addition to their fame in the entertainment industry.

Billy Joel definitely has what it takes to still live up to his 'Piano Man' persona, too, however. With more than 150 million records sold since 1972, the legendary singer was set to take the stage at Boston's Fenway Park on Thursday evening in front of a huge crowd of fans.

At least if anyone in the crowd at Fenway falls down and can't get up, they'll rest easy knowing that a good Samaritan as well as an amazing entertainer is in the venue.

Kudos to Billy Joel for being helpful where some celebrities might have simply called 911 and left the scene for fear of causing a media frenzy.

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