Bill Cosby's Alleged Rape Victims Are 'Un-Rape-Able,' Says Damon Wayans

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Damon Wayans found himself on the hot seat after defending comedian Bill Cosby against alleged sexual misconduct in past years.

Wayans believes some of the accusations against Cosby are not true and thinks they are just “money hustle.”

In an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, the comedian said Cosby had relationships with the alleged victims. He believes the women are after Cosby’s money so they came out saying they were raped.

Co-host, Angela Yee informed Wayans that some of the alleged victims came out decades ago.

However, the My Wife and Kids Star, sees inconsistencies in the victims’ statements. "Just listen to what they're saying and some of them really (are) un-rape-able."

Many people found the comedian’s “un-rape-able” comment offensive and social media users were quick to criticize him and his assumptions on the rape accusations against Cosby.

Responding to the social media outrage, Wayans called people to “stop twisting” his words and urged people to watch the complete interview before judging him. He posted a 7-second clip where he was expressing that it is also possible that Cosby is guilty at some cases.

"My heart goes out to (those women). For anybody who was raped by Bill Cosby, I'm sorry. And I hope you get justice."

During the interview, Wayans made a sharp remark about how some Hollywood celebrities, who have committed sexual misconduct, are still allowed to do show business without facing the same condemnation as Bill Cosby.

"The dude from 7th Heaven — his show is still on TV. Woody Allen is making shows and movies," he observed.

According to reports, there are 50 women with rape claims against Cosby. The 78-year-old comedian has not been formally charged. His representatives have denied all rape accusations against him. However, one case, which involves a woman who was a minor at the time she was allegedly raped, is moving forward.

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