Bill Cosby To Fans: "I'm Not Finished"

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Bill Cosby has been riddled with allegations in the last couple of months that he raped or drugged several women.

His career is flailing.

Bill Cosby comedy bookings are being withdrawn and the nation is losing trust in their former favorite TV dad.

But Bill Cosby seems to keep a good attitude and a positive outlook.

He released a statement of thanks and encouragement to his fans before an upcoming show in Boston.

Bill Cosby said, "Dear Fans: GOD has Blessed me with a wonderful gift to share with all of you. For 53 years I have continued to master this gift, which heals the soul and warms hearts. Laughter!"

Bill Cosby's statement continued, "I thank you, the theatre staff (Wilbur Theatre), the event organizers and the Boston Community for your continued support and coming to experience family, fun entertainment. Hey, Hey, Hey -- I'm Far From Finished."

Bill Cosby has stayed relatively quiet on the numerous allegations that he drugged and/or sexually assaulted numerous women, some of which date back to the 1960's.

While he attacked the media in December for failing to stay neutral on the matter and brought up the allegations during one of his performances, this is the first time that Bill Cosby has directly addressed fans concerning the situation.

Bill Cosby's Sunday show in Boston will go on, but not quietly.

Anywhere from 200-300 protesters are planning to picket the show, led by attorney and activist Marguer­ite Dorn. She has been on 
social media calling for the stand-up performances to be canceled, but to no avail.

“Boston is better than this,” she said of Bill Cosby's scheduled performance. “We shouldn’t stand for the perception outside our city that we are willing to host a man accused of such egregious, violent and probably criminal acts.”

What do you think of Bill Cosby at this point? Are you convinced that he committed these crimes?

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