Bill Cosby Could Still Be Arrested; Countdown On Statute Expiration Begins

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Bill Cosby just may still have a fight on his hands, if prosecutors decide to make a move. One of the most talked-about cases in which Bill Cosby was accused, but never prosecuted, is that involving former Temple University employee Andrea Constand.

For months now, most people seem to have written off the idea that the Constand case could ever come back to haunt Cosby. Prosecutors chose not to pursue the case back in 2005 when Constand reported her alleged sexual assault at the hands of Cosby. Then Cosby and Constand wrangled in a civil suit, the final terms of which were bound by a confidentiality agreement.

But the statute of limitations on the Constand case has not expired. Prosecutors in Pennsylvania very well could resurrect the case and arrest Bill Cosby on the charges. But will they? The statute of limitations does not expire until January, 2016.

The Montgomery County District Attorney who declined to prosecute Cosby back in 2005 was Bruce L. Castor, Jr. He is no longer the D.A. But he is running to get the job back.

Current Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman is running for judge and would not be around to try any case her office might bring against Cosby before the statute expires.

Might Bruce Castor get another chance to bring Cosby in, if Ferman pursues the charges and then hands it over to whoever succeeds her in office? Ferman's office has issued no comment on whether they will pursue the charges, but Ferman did issue a curious statement, in which she said, "I believe prosecutors have a responsibility to review past conclusions, whether their own or a predecessor's, when current information might lead to a different decision."

For her part, Andrea Constand seems willing to cooperate with a re-opened investigation of Cosby.

"I think she's a very strong lady," Constand's attorney Dolores M. Troiani says. "She'll do whatever she needs to do, whatever they ask of her."

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