Biggie Smalls' Murderer Known, Says Source; New Mashup Song Hits

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For a man who died 17 years ago, Biggie Smalls still casts a large shadow. Christopher Wallace was only 24 when he was gunned down, not as old as most who leave such a legacy, but not a year has passed that the circumstances of his murder have not made news.

Smalls was shot four rimes by an officially-unknown assailant in a drive-by in March, 1997. But theories abound about who did the shooting, who ordered it, and the possible involvement of the LAPD in the murder by not arresting the man they allegedly knew to be the shooter.

Biggie Smalls’ family have accused LAPD officers Ray Perez, David Mack and Nino Durden of refusing to arrest the shooter due to their involvement with a wide-ranging scandal within the department known as The Rampart Scandal.

Recently, a source in the LAPD said that the department knows who killed Biggie Smalls, but it would never see the light of day.

“The LAPD Robbery Homicide unit tasked with investigating Biggie’s murder knows exactly who fired the gun, and which people were involved in the planning. There will never be an arrest made because it would rock the department to the core. There was a cover-up after the murder, which went all the way up the ranks of LAPD. This goes way beyond Mack and Perez. Publicly the department will say it’s still an active an open investigation, but that is a sham. The LAPD barely survived Perez’s crew and the hell they brought the upon the department. The old saying that the cover-up is worse than the crime couldn’t be more true in this case. The cover-up would put numerous current and former cops behind bars for years on charges ranging from conspiracy to fraud and making false statements.”

Since his death, two other albums have been released in Smalls’ name. But recently a mash-up track that combined Smalls’ hit song “Big Poppa” with the 1980’s Falco hit “Rock Me Amadeus” was released on the music-sharing website SoundCloud.

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