Bieber Meltdown on Twitter Lashes Out Against "Fake Stories"


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Justin Bieber has been having a tough time in London. Stories about the pop star going around London shirtless after a concert and arriving late to another London show because of "diva-like behavior" (including a backstage "tantrum") began popping up earlier this month.

Now, it appears that Bieber has had enough of the British tabloid culture and is letting them have a piece of his mind via Twitter.

The pop star tweeted out a dozen different tweets on March 6, railing against "rumors," "fake stories," and the public judgment he faces on a daily basis.

Here's the entire rant, in full:

[Author's comment: Though the language in this next tweet leaves things up to interpretation, it's worth noting that Bieber is, presumably, referring to religious beliefs and not to a dominant/submissive relationship with another man.]

No doubt Bieber's 35.5 million Twitter followers will back up his sentiments, if they can manage to figure what his point was. Bieber himself, on the other hand, will have to continue to live under the scrutiny that comes with having the celebrity to garner that many Twitter followers.