Bieber May Sue Guests for Tweeting About Party Happenings

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If you ever happen to get an invite to one of Justin Bieber's house parties (you won't, but you can keep on reading), just make sure you don't tweet about it or post any photos to Instagram. If you do, Bieber reserves the right to sue the absolute hell out of you.

TMZ obtained a copy of a waiver that guests must sign upon admittance to his Calabasas, California home.

There, in plain writing, it reads that ""under no circumstances will you divulge the details of you entering and being on the Property or engaging in the Activities by any means or through any media whatsoever, including without limitation, through photographs, video, blogging, texting, 'Tweeting' or posting any such information on any social media site."

The waiver also forbids guests from discussing "all information concerning [Bieber and company's] business and personal activities, including, without limitation, their legal and financial affairs, physical health, or the philosophical, spiritual or other views or characteristics."

The document stipulates damages of up to $5 million for violation of the terms.

TMZ notes that this is hardly news in the celebrity community - other celebs also make guests sign these types of waivers.


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