Beyond: Two Souls Stars Willem Dafoe, Releases October 8

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It's been known for almost a year that Juno star Ellen Page did extensive motion capture work for Beyond: Two Souls, and that her likeness would star in the new Quantic Dream/David Cage video game.

A release date of October 8 has also been announced for the game.

Today, Sony has revealed that Willem Dafoe himself will co-star with Page. Dafoe is well-known for his acting in movies such as Platoon, Antichrist, Spider-Man, in which he played the Green Goblin. In Beyond: Two Souls, Dafoe will play Nathan Dawkins, a "government scientist" who grows close to Page's Jodie Holmes while studying her metaphysical powers.

The teaser trailer released today showcases a scene in which Dawkins meets Holmes as a child. The graphics don't seem quite as amazing as those seen in the trailer shown last year, but it does seem more in-line with what gamers can expect to see when playing it on a PlayStation 3.

In addition to the game footage teaser, a behind-the-scenes footage trailer has also been released. It features a short interview with Dafoe and footage of him acting with Page in the motion capture studio:

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