'Beyond: Two Souls' Previewed by Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe


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Early game reveals for Beyond: Two Souls focused mainly on Jodie and her supernatural life partner that she has named Aiden. Later videos showed how actress Ellen Page (who plays Jodie) and Willem Defoe were suited up for the game's great-looking motion capture. The games developer Quantic Dream, even screened footage of the game at the Tribeca Film Festival, confirming game director David Cage's ambition to create movie-like gaming experiences.

Throughout all of these videos, the story of Jodie and her father figure/handler Nathan (played by Dafoe) seemed to be coming into focus. Then a new gameplay video came along, showcasing a violent, militaristic portion of the game.

Today, a new video for Beyond: Two Souls was released. Through one-sided interviews with Page and Dafoe, the video attempts to join the seemingly disparate glimpses of the game into a coherent story of Jodie and her magic friend: