Beyonce Sued; Singer Claims She Stole "XO" from Him

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Beyonce Knowles may not have 99 problems, but she’s got this one.

Beyonce’s hit song “XO” has already caused a bit of controversy over the audio snippet at the beginning of the song of the ill-fated Space Shuttle Challenger. But now a man has come forward claiming that the singer stole the song from him, and he says he knows how she got it.

Ahmad Javon Lane says he recorded a song called “XOXO” and that this song is the basis for Bey’s song “XO.”

Lane goes by the name Javon. His Facebook page says he grew up in Santa Clara, California (not to be confused with where all the vampires are), where he attended “multiple performing Arts Schools where he began really getting into music and performing.”

Javon says he toured overseas, then moved to Atlanta where he “made his way into a room with R&B Singer Monica Brown, performing as a background singer for Monica led by 'Ms. Crissy Collins’, long-time background singer for Beyonce Knowles-Carter.”

Javon says his song made it to Beyonce. Now he wants $3 million.

Here are both songs. Judge for yourself.

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