Beyonce Knowles Gets "Apology" From Alleged Mistress


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No matter what Beyonce Knowles-Carter or her husband Jay-Z say at this point, the illusion of picture-perfect musical royalty was forever shattered thanks to that leaked video of the infamous elevator fight.

Beyonce was passive during the actual conflict and has been largely silent on the matter ever since.

Well she was until a line was dropped in her recent “**Flawless” remix.

In her song she talks about how fighting is to be expected when there’s so much money at stake.

Money and not passion or love.

The reference may quell divorce speculation, but not marriage-of-convenience speculation

Despite the curious line, Beyonce and Jay-Z took to the stage recently to insist that they are still happily married.

They’ve been on an ongoing campaign this “On The Run” tour to assure the world that though their marriage isn’t picture-perfect after all, there is still love (and their baby Blue Ivy) keeping the two of them together.

So perhaps the timing of a diss track by a woman rumored to have had an affair with Jay-Z was less than ideal.

Days after Beyonce’s remix featuring Nicki Minaj, Liv decided to release an inarguably low budget music video for her song “Sorry Mrs. Carter”.

The song both denied accusations of her having ever been with Beyonce’s husband and at the same time mocked the state of the singer’s marriage.

It was an apology and non-apology at the same time, as the alleged mistress said that her major goal was demonstrating that girls can get into the industry without becoming someone’s mistress.

What others see as Liv’s desperate attempt to ride the coattails of the Carters has led to an unsurprising amount of vitriol dumped on her by Beyonce fans and others.

Charlamagne Tha God, host of Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club declared Liv the “Donkey of the Day”.

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