Beyonce Gets Biggest Inauguration Spike on Facebook

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Yesterday, President Obama officially began his second term in office. Inauguration day 2013 features the public reading of the Oath of Office, a parade, some dancing at some inaugural balls, and Michelle Obama's bangs.

It also featured Beyonce, simply owning the National Anthem.

If you want proof that Beyonce was the true star of the day (sorry, Michelle), simply look at the Facebook data. According to the U.S. Politics Facebook team, mentions of "Beyonce" spiked an astounding 42,450% around 12:30 pm ET.

The next biggest spike was for "Kelly Clarkson," who saw a 4,900% increase in mentions. The third top-term of the day was "Inauguration," fittingly, with a 4,600% spike.

Other terms that saw a spike at some point during the day were President Obama, Michelle, MLK, Parade, Debate, History, and America. As of 1 pm ET, as the inauguration ceremony was closing, the top term on Facebook was "Our President." As of 6 pm yesterday, the top three terms were "change," "truth," and "color."

Ok, back to Beyonce. You can check out her performance below. About 1:20, you can see her rip out her earpiece. SHE'S GONE ROGUE, EVERYBODY! SHE'S SINGIN BLIND! Yeah, well, she still killed it. UPDATE: Don't tell me this. Apparently, Beyonce may have lip-synced the National Anthem.

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