Beyonce Embarrasses Princess During Concert

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Apparently, no one told Beyonce that there was royalty at her show in London last night.

Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, was in attendance right down in front, and Beyonce just happened to throw the mic to her for help in singing the "to the left, to the left" part of "Irreplaceable". It's something she does at almost every show, but this time around the fan she chose wasn't too keen on singing for an audience. Reportedly, Eugenie ducked down in embarrassment and took some ribbing from her friends for the rest of the night.

The princess was there with several pals, including James Middleton, brother of Duchess Kate. The Mirror reports that, until the incident, she was having a grand old time.

"[She] was really excitable and filming the whole thing on her iPhone like any other fan."

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