Beverly D'Angelo Reuniting With Chevy Chase


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Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo will be reuniting once again as husband and wife on a new ABC series starting in 2015.

While the series currently lacks a title, script or studio, ABC has confirmed that they have committed to the show's executive producer Aaron Kaplan.

The series will follow Chase and D'Angelo, who will portray a couple in their 60s. After finally reaching retirement and enjoying life, the couple is forced to raise their two grandchildren.

Chase and D'Angelo have long been known for their roles on the National Lampoon vacation movies, and are excited to get to work together again.

Appearing on the new ABC show will mark the first time that Chase has been on television since leaving, during the fourth season, his role on Community in 2012. It was reported that Chase made the decision to leave after having an outburst on the set.

Kaplan expressed his excitement for the new show via Twitter. "Chevy Chase & Beverly D'Angelo, the greatest couple in movie history, are doing a television show with me at @ABCNetwork! I can't wait!!" he tweeted.

Image via Wikimedia Commons