Betty White No. 1 On Entertainment Star Index

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Betty White, everyone's favorite golden girl, has some shocking staying power. Well, of course she does. She has continued to be a favorite of several generations of TV watchers.

Some people started watching her on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and fell in love with her charm and wit.

Some may have seen Betty White first on The Golden Girls in the late 80s through 2000.

But for this generation, she is the charming and slightly mischievous granny type on the shows Betty White's Off Their Rockers and Hot in Cleveland.

Now, Betty White's staying power has some proof to back it up.

She has been No. 1 on the InterMedia Entertainment Star Index for the second quarter of 2014. That's a pretty big deal!

"Betty White's staying power is a marvel of the entertainment business; she has proven herself to be a highly-effective celebrity spokesperson -- one whose sense of humor and disarming charm seem to only strengthen her trustworthiness and influence with people of both genders and all ages," Rob Levy, president of InterMedia Entertainment, said.

Betty White is just loved by everyone.

In case you were unaware, the Entertainment Star Index was designed to "capture and track rapidly-shifting public sentiment concerning celebrities in a media- and celebrity-obsessed society."

In the modern days of 15 minutes of fame then you're gone, being loved by multiple generations during a career that spans over 70 years is nothing to sneeze at. Betty White started on radio and quickly made her way into everything from game shows to her own shows to star roles and everything in between.

92-year-old Betty White is enjoying a career revival that is pretty much unheard of. She is still going strong and working like crazy! Good luck to Betty White in all of her future endeavors!

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