"Better Call Saul": Will We Get To See Squat Cobbler Videos?

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Better Call Saul has only just dipped the toe into the second season and fans are already intrigued about the new character, Pryce, played by Mark Proksch.

Of course, in one hilarious turn of events, it is mentioned on Better Call Saul that Pryce once made erotic "Squat Cobbler" videos in which he sits in different pies and cries for the enjoyment of a wealthy and gross man.

Now fans of Better Call Saul want to know: Are we going to get to see these Squat Cobbler videos?

When Better Call Saul's Mark Proksch, himself, was asked about the possibility, he said, "It's something I know people will want to see, and Vince [Gilligan] and [executive producer Peter Gould] have hinted on the podcast that you may somehow, some way, at some point, get to see them - if they do indeed exist."

He added, "I will say this, though. If they do exist, they'll be some of the most disturbing things you will ever see."

Undoubtedly. But we still want to. And it seems Proksch could be just fearless enough to pull it off. I mean, before finding fame on Better Call Saul and The Office, he sort of made a name for himself by making viral videos of himself crashing newscasts as a fake yo-yo champion.

When he was asked if he was up to the task and if those yo-yo videos have helped his career, he replied, "Kind of. That's how I got on The Office. For Saul, I auditioned, and later Vince and Peter found out about the videos through Bob Odenkirk, and they loved them. So yeah, those videos have really paid off."


Better Call Saul fans, are you interested in seeing the Squat Cobbler videos?

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