Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Teresa Giudice

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Bethenny Frankel spoke recently about her decision to return to The Real Housewives of New York, and said she felt the time was right after getting "burnt out" on being in the public eye. The Skinnygirl entrepreneur also shared her thoughts on fellow "housewife" Teresa Giudice, who was recently sentenced to several months in prison along with her husband Joe on tax fraud charges.

"When I left the show and then the talk show was done, I was kind of really burnt out. I didn't know if I really wanted to be on television anymore, at least for a while… and I really would like it to be my decision if I stop the train of being in the public eye and being on television. And I think if I didn't do something else soon, that I really thought was good for me, then it wouldn't have been my choice any more," she told Extra.

Frankel's talk show, Bethenny, was canceled earlier this year, but the reality star and businesswoman said she felt "relieved" to be done with that part of her life.

“I am relieved,” she wrote on her blog. “What I really want right now is to be with my daughter, to do yoga, to focus on [her product line] Skinnygirl and my writing, and to give myself a break…Unlike my time on Bravo, I felt a bit diluted, filtered and somewhat constricted. I am a free spirit. I am more comfortable in my natural surroundings and in a setting where I’m surrounded by crazy, where anything goes and where I can be authentically me. When interviewed about the show, I always said that it could only work if I was true to myself and only if it was genuinely a good fit and marriage which it turned out not to be.”

Frankel recently spoke about the Giudice family--who star on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey--and said that hopefully the situation will have a positive outcome when Teresa and Joe are released from prison.

"Terrible. The one thing I really think about is being away from her daughters for any period of time. I feel for her, because it's time away from her daughters, but they will become stronger as a family. Maybe by it all stopping now and having a real-life lesson, it'll make them stronger, and they'll avoid other heartache later," she said.

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