Beth Behrs, Kat Dennings Talk Hosting People's Choice Awards


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This year's People's Choice Awards should be quite interesting since 2 Broke Girls stars Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings will be hosting.

Viewers can only imagine what can come from these two but, one thing's for sure - it will definitely be entertaining and quite comical.

The dynamic duo has actually already started with the comedic antics, sharing their Guide to Surviving People's Choice Hosting Duties.

Behrs and Dennings sat down with People Magazine to share some quick details about the highly anticipated awards show. They shared their sentiments about hosting the upcoming show.

"I don't know how I feel," said Dennings.

"I'm excited. I'm a little scared. I've presented with Beth at awards shows, but we've never hosted. Michael Patrick King is writing all of our stuff for the actual awards show and he's such a brilliant mind. He gave us a little taste of some of the stuff we're going to be doing. He's so funny."

Behrs also weighed in agreeing with Dennings. "I feel the same way. I feel like it's a little different because it's me and Kat up there, as opposed to a character. It's a whole different kind of thing. You can't hide behind someone else. At least we have each other, or else I'd be way more nervous."


Then, came their comedic Guide to Surviving People's Choice Hosting Duties. While some of the rules on their list should be a given, it obviously isn't for Behrs and Dennings. But it's quite hilarious to envision!

The top rule on the list was, "Don't throw up on stage," Dennings said. She went on to explain that they would probably opt not to 'throw their celebrity peers under the bus,' as most hosts do during comedic segments on award shows.

"I don't want to make fun of anybody," Dennings says. "I think being our first time hosting, we're going to be pretty tame and making fun of ourselves more than other people."

They also stated that they sought insight from two seasoned BFFs who are quite experienced with hosting. Although Behrs sited that meditating was important for calming her nerves, one of their most important rules was actually 'eating.' "I feel like we have to eat, otherwise we'll pass out," Behrs says. "If I have low blood sugar, I won't be able to be funny." Dennings also chimed in. "You have to eat. It's almost like being an athlete. If you have nothing in your system, you're just going to start slowly crashing and burning."

While they are quite nervous about hosting, they did shed light on the silver lining in it all. They'll ultimately have each other. "Our [bond] has just gotten [closer] as we've gone on with the show," Behrs says. "I couldn't live without that girl. I had the flu on set and I could not have gotten through it without her. She protects me."

Dennings also agreed. "When you spend every day for years with somebody, it's hard to not be like family. Like when Beth was sick, I was ready to punch anyone who came near her."

The People's Choice Awards is scheduled to air on Wednesday, Jan. 7, at 9:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

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