Best Smartphones of 2013: One Obvious, One Underdog

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How many people have you seen with the iPhone 5s this year? How many people have you seen with the Nexus 5 this year? Can anyone even spot an Nexus 5 quickly? Probably not as fast as you would a certain smartphone with the bitten apple.

Despite that, the tech-friendly folks at PCWorld have compiled a list of top smartphones, and the top three on the list are: The Apple iPhone 5s, the Google Nexus 5 and the HTC One.

The Google Nexus 5 keeps getting called out in this article because its appearance makes it such an underdog compared to the phones directly above and under it in ranking. It's a bit bulkier than the iPhone and HTC One, but it seems that the development team concentrated more on putting more umph under the hood. More on that later.

The iPhone 5s (not to be confused with the iPhone 5c) comes out on top this year due to its slight, but important, upgrades to an already outstanding phone. The iPhone 5s came with a faster processor, improvements to the superior camera and a fingerprint sensor in a shiny gold exterior to seal its number one ranking.

Number two is the aforementioned Google Nexus 5. Google had the audacity to be so confident in this phone's specs that they put it in a Chevy Nova frame for smartphones. The Nexus 5 boasts a 445 pixels per inch display and KitKat, Android's latest powerful operating system, at an affordable price to make this phone a standout.

Lastly, but certainly not the least of the 2013 smartphones is the HTC One. The "Quietly Brilliant" team revamped their design and introduced a new series name, but kept the giant screens that HTC is known for. HTC made sure that the One screen and camera possessed ultra-high resolutions, and enclosed it in a sturdy aluminum case. Once a user gets used to HTC software, many become brand-loyal, and the HTC One effectively pleased its old fans and gained some new ones.

Excited to see what 2014 holds for the future of smartphones.

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