Best Movies of 2015 Mix of Children's, Action Films, and More

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The best movies of 2015 comprise an eclectic list. "Best," of course, is relative. made a list of what they consider the best movies of 2015, and it includes children's films, action flicks, and more.

NDTV chose 10 films for their best movies of 2015 list--and they admit the list is surprising. See if you've watched any they deem among the year's best.

Ant-Man: Dubbed the "smallest big film of the year," Ant-Man made the list because of Paul Rudd and some impressive cinematography.

"The film was full of plot holes and inconsistent science, but none of that mattered because everyone in the cinema was having so much fun," NDTV writes.

Inside Out: This Pixar film is about feelings that have feelings. It appeals--as most Pixar films do--to adults as well as the children for which it was written.

Mad Max: Fury Road: Stunning visuals, amazing scenery, and Charlize Theron took this film with a two-hour long chase scene to new heights, making it worthy of the best movies of 2015 listing.

The Martian: Even though NDTV says it's "slow," they also write it's "surprisingly accessible and highly enjoyable." It also stars Matt Damon. Enough said?

Jurassic World: Already a contender for an Oscar for best visual effects, the only film to trump this one in box office sales is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Besides, who doesn't love Chris Pratt?

Minions: They're yellow, and they look like giant Twinkies with eyes--but that's not enough to leave them off the best movies of 2015 list, and NDTV agrees. They do warn viewers not to take them too seriously, however. Who takes a yellow creature that looks like a Twinkie with eyes seriously? Really?

Good Dinosaur: Yet another offering from Pixar for 2015, it doesn't boast the hype of Inside Out, but is one of the most "gorgeous animated movies" the good people at NDTV have ever seen.

Ex Machina: Starring Alicia Vikander of The Danish Girl, Ex Machina raises questions about transhumanism without requiring viewers to learn a whole new vocabulary.

Chappie: Classified as a film you'll either really love or really hate, Chappie features rappers Die Antwoord. NDTV says give it a chance, and since it made their best movies of 2015 list, someone must have done just that.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: This one needs no explanation. It grossed more than any other film that opened Christmas weekend--even trumping Jurassic Park.

Would you place any of these films on your best movies of 2015 list?

There are many lists boasting the year's best. As previously stated, "best" is relative. Do you agree?

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