Bernie Madoff: New Documentary Series Opens Old Wounds

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Bernie Madoff is known as one of history's most heartless fraudsters.

During the mid-2000's, Bernie Madoff ran the world's largest Ponzi scheme and ruined the lives and livelihoods of many families.

Now, there is a new miniseries on ABC that debuted this week and chronicles the life and scheme of Bernie Madoff.

While the show is purely for entertainment, one San Diego resident and Bernie Madoff victim is not thrilled about the miniseries.

Ernie Abbit, who is now 86, was a victim of Bernie Madoff, but was lucky enough to pull out of the venture before things got too bad.

He said, “I sort of resent it in a way because I think we've glamorizing the situation. He was a parasite of the worst kind. To live through that again and again, it's punishment and it's gonna be a tough pill to swallow.”

No word yet on whether Bernie Madoff's wife, Ruth, will be watching the program, but it will surely bring back bad memories for her as well.

Blythe Danner, who plays Bernie Madoff's (Richard Dreyfuss) wife in the miniseries, said of Ruth, “I don’t think that she knew. She’d been with this man and in love with him since she was 16 -- her entire life. And incrementally, she saw this climb to the top financially where they were. If there were any suspicions at all, it was just her life was so full and so I didn’t think she questioned it.”

What do you think it will be like for victims of Bernie Madoff to watch this ABC miniseries?

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