Bernadette Peters, Original "Into The Woods" Witch, To Reunite With Original Cast

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Bernadette Peters made a very memorable run on Broadway as the original witch in Into the Woods before Meryl Streep brought the role to the mainstream with the movie.

Bernadette Peters will be joined by original cast and crew from the 1987 Tony award-winning production for a special panel on June 21st at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

In attendance will be Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, along with Tony winner Bernadette Peters, Tony winner Joanna Gleason, who played the Baker's Wife, Chip Zien, who played the Baker, Robert Westenberg, who played Cinderella's Prince, and Kim Crosby, who played Cinderella.

Also in attendance will be Danielle Ferland, the original Little Red Riding Hood, and Ben Wright, the original Jack.

What an amazing and interesting reunion!

In a 2014 interview for Playbill, Bernadette Peters revealed some of her favorite memories from the production.

When Bernadette Peters was asked about her favorite onstage or rehearsal memory, she said, "The memory that stands out the most for me is when our choreographer, Lars Lubovitch, tied me up so that I would get the feeling of being hunched over in a croney position to play the haggard witch."

She added, "So every morning I'd come in to rehearsal and Lars would tie me up and there would go Bernadette, rolling around the rehearsal room, until one day, he said, 'You got it... No need for the ropes anymore!' That was a happy day!"

Bernadette Peters also remembered a story involving Stephen Sondheim.

She said, "It was wonderful to hear Steve talk about ["No One Is Alone."] He said people think the song is about being alone, but it's not. It's about how we all affect one another... in everything we do it affects someone, and we have to think about that."

Interesting memories from Bernadette Peters! What do you think about an Into the Woods reunion?

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