Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in 'Hamlet' and Coloring Book


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You’ve seen him in Sherlock, you’ve seen him in 12 Years a Slave, and now you’ll see him in Hamlet. Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor with perhaps the best name ever, will play the role of Hamlet for 12 weeks this summer.

Cumberbatch will star in the Shakespearian drama at the Barbican theatre in London. This will mark the actor’s first return to the stage since his role in the 2011 production of Frankenstein, in which he alternated the role of Frankenstein and his creature with Jonny Lee Miller.

Sonia Friedman, who will produce the production, called Cumberbatch “one of the most gifted actors of his generation.” Lyndsey Turner, who has had recent success with the plays Chimerica and Posh, will direct the play.

And if seeing the dashing actor on the screen and stage still isn’t enough for you, you can get your fill with the help of the new coloring book, Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch.

You read that right; you can purchase a book filled with 16 black outline drawings of the star, and let your imagination run wild.

Created by British artist Mel Simone Elliott, the book invites fans to imagine themselves as the star’s boyfriend or girlfriend and draw pictures that depict their life together. The book will feature contemporary facts and jokes, and even a picture of Cumberbatch where you can “photobomb” him.

Witness just one of the reasons why fans love Cumberbatch, here:

And fans really love him, as you can see from the tweets below:

This isn’t the first celebrity coloring book the artist has created; similar works on stars like Ryan Gosling and Kate Moss are available at galleries, overseas, and at trendy shops like Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch is available on the I Love Mel website or the retailer Maiden.

Image via Wikimedia Commons