Bella Thorne Inspired to Write Her First Book, 'Autumn Falls,' By Haters Who Said She Couldn't Because of Her Dyslexia

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Bella Thorne says she was inspired to write her first book in a planned trilogy, Autumn Falls, by naysayers, who told her that her dyslexia prevented her from achieving her goal.

The new Scream actress told Friday that her novel, which follows a girl named Autumn though a major loss, is drawn from much of Thorne's own struggles with the learning disorder and the loss of her father.

"I was inspired by all the people that say I couldn't do it…that make fun of people with dyslexia," said Thorne. "I wanted to show others that you can do anything you set your mind to do. I found it a very therapeutic and creative way outlet to deal with issues such as losing my dad and fitting in."

The My Own Worst Enemy actress said she derived much of Autumn's story from the aftermath of her own dad's death.

"I am similar to Autumn in the sense that we both have struggled and both have suffered a major loss in our lives," she said. "We both had to relocate and try and fit in somewhere new. We are different in that she goes to a public schooland has a private life where as my life and loss is documented publicly. I don't have a magic journal either."

The novel is more than just a book to the 17-year-old Disney actress, and she said she hopes it will have an impact on others.

"I hope they all understand that we are all human, making mistakes and trying to fit in. No one has a perfect life and we must make the best with what we are given. There's always hope," she said.

An avid reader, Thorne said she has turned to some of her favorite books to find inspiration and comfort through challenges in her life.

"Ghost Girl, Stolen, Famous In Love and Sorta Like a Rockstar are some of my favorite books," she said. "A few of these are currently being adapted and I am excited to see how they turn out. Of course these books in their own way have helped and inspired me through difficult times. I became an avid reader from the Ghost Girl series since I fell in love with the stories!"

Apparently, there is already some discussion about developing Autumn Falls into a film or television project, although finding another outlet for her creativity is enough for the multi-talented young woman.

"We started basic conversation on developing the book and we will see how it goes," said Thorne. "Right now, I am just happy to have another creative way to speak to my audience."

Autumn Falls was released on Nov. 11.

Pam Wright