Behind The Scenes: Making A Video Game With Ellen Page

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The making of a video game is often a painstaking, tedious process, especially now that technology has progressed enough for artists to make a game so lifelike it puts early Nintendo to shame.

A new video which shows the making of Beyond: Two Souls gives us a glimpse inside the studio where such a game is made, including a side-by-side shot of the game and the actors doing their thing. Ellen Page plays the main character, and does a pretty fine job when you consider she's got a hundred tiny sensors stuck to her face.

Those sensors are extremely sensitive, so the actors don't have to overact to make sure their expressions will translate onscreen; each subtle shift of the eyes or movement of the mouth will show up perfectly. The video gives us a look at the game, the acting, and a couple of bloopers as the actors try to stay in character on an almost non-existent set. Very cool.

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