Beer: How to Drink for Maximum Enjoyment


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This infographic from Frugal Dad tells you the best way to enjoy your favorite beverage.

The number one rule: Don't drink it cold; drink it coldish. Certain aromatics do not disperse at really cold temperatures, leaving certain flavors untasted below 40 degrees. As a general rule, the darker the beer, the warmer you want it to be.

Great beer deserves great food. Pair your beer with the right meat and cheeses for an even manlier experience. Doesn't BBQ and nice porter sound good right about now?

And lastly, why you should drink beer. Aside from making you look cooler and more appealing to the ladies, beer is also good for you. Beer may help in the prevention of heart disease, diabetes, and dementia while preventing bone loss and increasing your overall health.

But remember, always in moderation. Savor and enjoy your beer with food. The more you do, the more likely you are to enjoy it responsibly.