Becca Tilley Says She Didn't Love Chris Soules, Didn't Get Picked

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In the finale of The Bachelor, Chris Soules picked Whitney Bischoff over Becca Tilley. However, Tilley admits that she’s perfectly fine with Soules’ decision. “I knew going into the day that I wasn't going to be able to say what Chris needed to hear for him to choose me,” Tilley says. “I was preparing myself the night before for what was going to happen.” It’s the most drama-free break-up in The Bachelor history. According to Tilley, she can’t just lie and tell Soules that she loved him. She did admit that she could’ve fallen for the farmer from Iowa if she had more time to know him better.

“I haven't been in love before,” Tilley told Us Weekly. “I don't have anything to compare it to, but I knew in my gut that it wasn't right and that it wasn't there yet. I think that's where my head was at the end, that if I had more time I could get there, but I didn't know that.”

And since Tilley likes to get to know the guys she is dating first before starting a serious relationship, it seems we won’t be seeing her in The Bachelor spinoff show, Bachelor in Paradise. Tilley seems to be as old-fashioned as they come when it comes to relationships, which is why some people are wondering why she signed up for The Bachelor in the first place.

Tilley explained her decision in an Instagram post.

I've had the question asked: 'why did you go on this show?'....Why not? I had the time of my life. Met some amazing girls who will be in my life forever and met an amazing guy who showed me that there are good guys out there- the kind who are patient and genuine.

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While Tilley didn’t find love in the show, it’s good to see that it was still a rewarding experience for her.

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