Beastie Boys: Here's How Ad-Rock Could Get His Role In 'Walking Dead'

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The Walking Dead is currently on hiatus so it's the perfect time for Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys to pitch his ideas to Greg Nicotero.

Ad-Rock, who's known in real life as Adam Horowitz, is unabashed in his love for the epic zombie TV show.

“I f—ing love that show,” Horowitz confessed. “Every moment of that show.… I would love to be in The Walking Dead.”

But unlike other celebrities who prefer to be zombified, this Beastie Boy wants to remain alive, and maybe be friends with resident bad boy Daryl Dixon.

In a recent Entertainment Weekly radio, the hip-hop legend said he want “to be like [Daryl’s] friend from the city. Like a distant relative—‘He’s my uncle’s friend from New York.”

“I’d show up with like a PBS tote bag and something from Zabar’s—be like, ‘Hey, I got lox! Who wants bagels?’” Horowitz added.

While the idea he's trying to pitch is pretty farfetched, and would likely result in Ad-Rock getting killed by Carl just for the bagels, the singer can say that he has already claimed some notable roles.

The Beastie Boy member currently has a small but notable role in Adam Sandler’s While We’re Young.

But maybe Ad-Rock doesn't need to play some character in The Walking Dead. Maybe he can play himself, like he was on tour in Atlanta or something when the zombie apocalypse hit and he had to fight for his live (see what I did there?)

Daryl Dixon, or even Rick Grimes, could be revealed as being a fan of the Beastie Boys.

Ad-Rock would eventually find his way to Alexandria and they'll have one big, noisy party to welcome him.  After all, even in the depressing world of The Walking Dead, a little party every now and then never hurts anyone.

At least, not until the zombie horde overruns the community.

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