Bear Walking On Two Legs Caught On Video


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Bears are pretty terrifying under normal circumstances, but can you imagine seeing one walking around on its hind legs?

It’s common for bears to stand on their back legs for long periods of time, especially when searching for food or protecting their young, but they don’t usually walk on them.

A New Jersey resident claims to have captured a video of a black bear walking around in a residential neighborhood on its back legs.

In the video the bear seems almost human-like and some people have even said that the bear might really be a man in costume.

Ian Bohman is the man who captured the bear on video and he says that there is no doubt in his mind that it was a real bear and not a human in a costume. He even managed to get a few close up shots of the bear as proof.

He said he woke up to a noise outside his home and when he went to check it out he saw the bear. He grabbed his camera and started to film the animal as it walked along.

Another man, who managed to capture the bear on video as well, pointed out that the bear appears to have a broken, injured or deformed front paw and that it may be the reason it chooses to walk on its back legs instead of all fours.

The bear appears shy in the videos and even gets nervous when it hears dogs in the neighborhood barking. The bear may be looking for an easy meal. Many bears have been known to eat out of residential trashcans and dumpsters.

The bear's injury may make it hard for it to hunt so it may have resorted to searching for an easy meal instead.

Do you think the creature in the video is really a bear or a human in a bear costume?

Image via Wikimedia Commons