Bear In Hammock Video A Sign Of Florida's Bear Problem

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Black bears are common in Florida and they have gotten so comfortable around humans that they have no problem approaching their homes, cars or even humans themselves.

A black bear was recently exploring a Florida back yard when he noticed a hammock and thought he would give it a try. The bear climbed into the hammock and appeared to be relaxing in it.

The owner of the hammock, Vincent James and his friend Rafael Torres heard a commotion in Vincent's yard and went outside to investigate. They watched the bear from a distance and Torres even managed to video tape and snap photos of the curious bear.

"He got in the hammock like he was a tourist or something," homeowner Vincent James said.

The witnesses said that the bear stayed in the hammock for around 20 minutes and appeared to be relaxing and enjoying himself.

While this bear may have seemed harmless and funny, black bears are actually a big problem in Florida. When they have a run-in with a human they can become scared and aggressive.

In April, a woman was in her garage when a black bear attacked her and drug her out into her driveway. At the time there were numerous other black bears in the neighborhood.

Black bears visit residential areas to search for food. They can usually be found tearing out the neighborhood trash cans. The bears are attracted by the smell of the food and trash and have learned that they can find an easy meal just by opening or often knocking over a trash can.

Eventually the bears got used to cars and people and now roam many Florida neighborhoods as they once did the nearby wooded areas.

Makes you think twice about complaining about the cats and dogs that tear out the trash in your neighborhood doesn't it?

What do you think of the bear in the hammock?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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