Bear In Hammock More Comfortable Than Most People


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Imagine one May evening you glance out the window and happen to witness a large black bear making itself comfortable in your hammock.

Daytona Beach, Fla. native Vincent James likely could only scratch his head at the sight. After all, it's not everyday you see a wild animal so at home on the flimsy mesh material.

"He got in the hammock like he was a tourist or something," said James.

The black bear, whose gender was never determined, was eager to get some rest and relaxation. The animal was so at ease that it stayed where it was for nearly a half hour.

The reclining bear also didn't seem to mind James's neighbor Rafael Torres, a photographer by trade, snapping pictures of the rare sight.

Torres stayed 60 feet away, giving the animal plenty of space to enjoy itself and not get antsy.

While the amusing event provided some laughs (and great photos), black bears wandering into populated areas isn't always a lighthearted matter.

Black bears have been known to attack humans or their pets. Since they also tend to raid garbage and destroy property, a number of affected homeowners consider the bears to be pests.

Some may think of these animals as harmless because they lack the bulk and obvious ferocity of the feared grizzly bear. Make no mistake, an angered or threatened black bear can cause serious harm to a helpless human.

This is why wildlife officials often warn individuals about careless behaviors towards these animals.

Don't feed them.

Don't leave them bowls of water.

Don't try and pet them or make the mistake of thinking of black bears as pets.

Always remember that these are WILD animals!

Never ever try to "contain" the situation yourself by acting aggressively towards black bears in an effort to scare the animal away.

You might be successful, but you could also wind up in the your local hospital.

Use your better judgement and notify animal control officials immediately.

Image via YouTube