Bear in Hammock: Living the Good Life

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Some bears really know how to live the good life.

On Thursday, a Daytona Beach resident, Vincent James, went into his back garden to hang out on his hammock, only to find a black bear lounging in his spot — guessing the bear found it to be "just right."

“He got in the hammock like he was a tourist or something,” said James.

Rafael Torres stood about 60 feet away from the bear when he took the now viral shot of the bear. He said the bear hung out on the hammock for about 20 minutes.

Cute as the photo might have been, it's a dangerous proposition to have a wild black bear in the neighborhood.

Other residents nearby said they saw the bear wrecking havoc around the neighborhood, tearing through garbage cans and knocking over bird feeders.

Not too long ago another bear encounter in Florida didn't go as well when a woman was attacked by a black bear and dragged onto a driveway.

It is common knowledge that interacting with bears is dangerous, however people are deceived by the seemingly harmless demeanor of bears and still engage in the biggest no-no of all — feeding bears.

Authorities will not hesitate to protect residents from the dangers of bears. In February, an 81-year-old woman was arrested after she fed up to 18 bowls of dog food to bears on her property.

Now before you find the arrest a bit harsh, the woman was warned on multiple occasions by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to stop feeding the bears. It was only after she ignored the warnings that the authorities stepped in. The woman claimed the animals would starve to death without her.

Image Rafael Torres via Twitter, WFTV Eyewitness News

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